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The Checkmark InvestingTM Process

1. Our research screens for companies with attractive operating attributes and strong financial positions.
2. We observe our target companies for long periods of time, looking for downdrafts in stock price which present buying opportunities. We believe good companies must be bought at good prices, a process that many find hard to execute in times of market turmoil.
3. A company's share price may decline further after our purchase. However, when we are correct about its long-term attributes, it's share price will eventually revert to an upward trend. This pattern of a downleg followed by a sustained uptrend forms a pattern resembling a checkmark.
4. We expect that a diversified portfolio of sound investments bought at careful prices will provide strong returns and be resilient in downdrafts.
5. We trim or sell successful investments at predetermined prices to harvest profits and control our weightings in individual holdings.

"When a stock is $100, it is pricing in all the good news that is known about the company; when the same stock is $10, it is pricing in all the bad news. But if we are sure that it is still a good company with the same attributes, we also know it's only a matter of time before the news turns positive again and people start to chase it."