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Why Invest with Heathbridge?

  • A strong, differentiated investment discipline that has generated well above average returns

  • A focus on preservation of capital and containment of risk

  • A strong service ethos with attention to detail

  • An emphasis on transparency

  • Direct ownership of investments

  • Direct access to the portfolio management team

  • Portfolios developed to meet your needs

Many industry professionals apply rules of thumb to determine the asset mix for each client. We take a very different approach, because we understand the importance of having the right asset mix to reach your goals. We calculate your required rate of return to get you where you need to go. Then we take that information and compare it with the rates of return inherent in each of the asset classes and work out an appropriate asset mix.

Our disciplined control of risk variables also sets us apart. For example, we rate each client as to maximum tolerance for risk and rate each security as to its risk content. We match the risk of the securities in the portfolio to the client's risk profile.

We take more than a technical interest in our clients' portfolios. What matters most to us is our clients' confidence in us. We are seeking a lifetime relationship with them, and everything we do and say reflects the seriousness with which we take our sense of responsiblity for their financial well-being. Over the long term we serve our clients extremely well.

"Our clients sometimes ask us about things that don't relate directly to their accounts. Because we disclose everything and don't have any conflicts, we're happy to be their advocates. We give them straight answers, as we see it, about why they should or shouldn't do certain things."

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