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December 2017

Heathbridge announces Pooled Fund fee reduction as of January 1st
Dec 15, 2017 4:00 PM
Heathbridge Capital Management

Effective January 1st, the management fee for the Heathbridge Checkmark Equity Pooled Fund will be reduced from 1.50% to 1.45%. As this pool has grown, it has enjoyed economies of scale which we have been pleased to pass on to our clients. In fact, this is our fourth fee reduction since we started the pooled fund 11 years ago. The pooled fund assets now exceed $150 million.

The management fee on our individually managed accounts continues at 1.25%. For accounts under $750,000, it remains more beneficial to be invested in the pool, after taking into consideration transaction costs.

Heathbridge began managing money for our earliest clients over 21 years ago. Our returns for the equity portions of these accounts has exceeded 11.5 percent per year, net of all fees and expenses. Moreover, our assets under management have grown to over $800 million. It gives us great satisfaction that over 80 percent of these assets are our clients’ profits.

We look forward to many more years together in the future and thank you for your ongoing trust.

Your Team at Heathbridge