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September 2015

A Brighter Future for a Family in Desperate Need
Sep 8, 2015 3:13 PM
Heathbridge Capital Management

Most Canadians realize how lucky they are to live in Canada. Canada has an international reputation for welcoming newcomers and refugees. However, it is time we all did more.

Resettled refugees with private sponsorship have the greatest record of success. Heathbridge has decided to become a sponsor of a refugee family, in addition to a family that will be sponsored by one of our partners.

Over the weekend, we were in touch with one of the sponsoring organizations and an individual who this year alone has put the wheels in motion for 600 people from persecuted minorities, with the majority being from Syria and Iraq. He will be going to Amman, Jordan in three weeks to select the next batch of refugees. We hope to sponsor a family as soon as he can arrange it. It is not widely known that Canada has dramatically shrunk processing time for refugees over the past four years, and we hope that we might welcome this family soon.

We hope to make a brighter future for at least one family in desperate need.

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