"Money managers don't have many opportunities to distinguish themselves. The past year is one of those rare periods that can separate talent from mediocrity . . . The stock market was flat in the year ended September 30th [2009]. Heathbridge's clients are up 14% over the same period. The median equity mutual fund return, meanwhile, is down a bit more than the market. Over 10 years, Heathbridge is up 7.4% versus 5.7% for mutual funds . . ."

Articles of Interest

The Wall Street Transcript, December 3, 2012

"We’re looking for the best of breed in any particular sector. Each security in the portfolio should behave differently from all others. This multiplies the ways that the portfolio can generate returns. We believe that, in the long term, it will result in less volatility, smaller declines in periods when the market goes down and better returns when the market goes up."  Read more . . .

Heathbridge is profiled in Advantage Magazine

"People who are interested in having a logical investment discipline and some no-nonsense advice - we're the people for them."
      -Richard Tattersall, Portfolio Manager at Heathbridge Capital Managment Ltd.  Read more . . .

Heathbridge Capital Management featured in Globe and Mail article

Globe and Mail, October 29, 2009
by Fabrice Taylor

The challenge was to find portfolio managers who brought distinction upon themselves and added to their clients' wealth during the financial crisis. Enter Heathbridge Capital Management . . . read more

In Conversation with Rob Richards, Rupel Ruparelia and Richard Tattersall

In the following conversation, the partners consider issues commonly raised by their prospective and existing clients. They start by evaluating what they feel their clients most appreciate about their relationship with Heathbridge . . . read more