Heathbridge has a strong, differentiated investment discipline that has generated well above average returns


Trustworthiness, integrity, discipline, conscientiousness, clarity, farsightedness—these values ground our success and help us steer a moderate course through turbulent markets. We apply time-honoured principles of hard work, relentless research, conscientious attention to detail and unremitting efforts to deliver on our commitments to you. We hold ourselves to standards of absolute integrity as we dedicate our efforts to achieving outcomes that are in your best interest.

We have the academic training and practical experience in the field to navigate the complex world of investing on your behalf. Every partner and portfolio manager is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Our proprietary investment philosophy is called Checkmark InvestingTM. We construct a diversified portfolio designed to bring you the rates of return you need to meet your goals, and carefully control risk through our unique risk management discipline.


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"We look for the best of breed in any particular sector. Each security in the portfolio should behave differently from all others. This multiplies the ways that the portfolio can generate returns. We believe that, in the long term, it will result in less volatility, smaller declines in periods when the market goes down and better returns when the market goes up."

from The Wall Street Transcript, December 3, 2012  Read more . . .

"For people who are interested in having a logical investment discipline and some no-nonsense advice, we're the people for them."  

Heathbridge is profiled in the October 2012 issue of Advantage Magazine. Read the article here

"The challenge was to find portfolio managers who brought distinction upon themselves and added to their clients' wealth during the financial crisis. Enter Heathbridge Capital Management . . . "

Excerpted from a Globe and Mail article published October 29, 2009.  Read more . . .

"We say the time to buy a good company is when the collective mind has dismissed it. That's when the value emerges. This approach, which we call 'Checkmark Investing', was developed in the course of years of observing first-hand the best and worst practices within the North American money management industry."

Excerpt taken from a conversation with the principals: Rob Richards, Rupel Ruparelia and Richard Tattersall.  Read more . . .

An article celebrating our 15 Year Anniversary shows how alternative investments would have done over 15 years and how our portfolios compared.

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ONLY IN CANADA?  72% of Canadian investors don't have investments anywhere else in the world. This is problematic because Canadian stocks represent only a small sliver of the global stock market. This translates into limited potential returns and opportunity to diversify risk.
SIX COMMON SELLING MISTAKES investors make: It's easier to identify when it is a good time to buy a stock than when it is a good time to sell.
STOCKS -- NOT A FOUR LETTER WORD: In the long term, the stock market is driven by profits. Good companies find ways to make profits grow through geographic expansion, economies of scale, and innovation.
IN THE SHADOW OF THE PEAKS: At the 9.5% per year that the S&P/TSX returned from February 1974 to March 2012, $100,000 would have grown to over $3.1 million. However, investment values would have been lower than some earlier peak nearly 70 percent of the time.